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About Us

We offer the best CAD automation and design solutions for manufacturing and design companies.

AutoCAD is a commercial software application for 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting - available since 1982 as a desktop application and since 2010 as a mobile web- and cloud-based app marketed as AutoCAD 360. Developed and marketed by Autodesk,Inc.,
SolidWorks is solid modeling CAD (computer-aided design) software that runs on Microsoft Windows and is since 1997 produced by Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp., a subsidiary of Dassault Systemes, S. A. (Velizy, France). SolidWorks is currently used by over 2 million engineers[3] and designers at more than 165,000 companies worldwide.
Solid Edge is a 3D CAD history based, parametric feature and synchronus technology solid modeling software. It runs on Microsoft Windows and provides solid modeling, assembly modelling and drafting functionality for mechanical engineers, designers and drafters. Through third party applications it has links to many other Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technologies.
Originally developed and released by Intergraph in 1996 using the ACIS geometric modeling kernel it later changed to using the Parasolid kernel. In 1998 it was purchased and further developed by UGS Corp (the purchase date corresponds to the kernel swap).
In 2007, UGS was acquired by the Automation & Drives Division of Siemens AG. UGS company was renamed Siemens PLM Software on October 1, 2007. Since Sep 2006 Siemens also offers a free 2D version called Solid Edge 2D Drafting.
Solid Edge is a direct competitor to SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor.

Customer Focus

We offer the best quality work with a reasonable price and make sure to obtain customers' satisfaction. We greatly value our customers, would like to have them back for further services and also introduce us for new customers. We believe that is the best advertisement.

Innovative Ideas

If you don't have right tools to achieve your design goals, we can help you with expertise and professional ideas.

CAD Design & Modeling

We utilize the latest in 2D & 3D CAD engineering technology to produce virtual 3D concepts, create full 3D layout models of projects. We can bring life and clarification into the design objectives for visualization regarding interference, clearance, tolerancing aspects to give you ideas more effectively. Our professionals have extensive experience in variety of software including , , MS office Products (Excel, word, Access), AutoLisp & VBA ( Visual Basic Application)

CAD Automation

Usually employees in most of companies gather information and decide while they conduct their daily tasks. They do these tasks manually. They repeat activities which might be time consuming with the chance of mistakes that adds to the cost of companies. The processes could be automated leading to a huge amount of time saving. Automated process could significantly increase the system's efficiency.

Parametric Design

We can provide you with user friendly parametric designs for family design projects that best suit your design intents. We can study your family design projects and help you with design intents which must be taken into consideration. You can easily change the key design variables (or parameters) to obtain your desired models based on customer requirements. This means that you don't have to redesign existing projects only for dimensional changes. By updating parameters you can have the bill of material, assembly & detail drawings updated and ready to use.

Design Analysis

Finite element analysis can test your product before manufacturing, resulting in a considerable cost saving due to possible failures. We can help you to enhance your project quality by performing FEA for critical components. FEA can be used for stress analysis and also where possible material elimination and reducing weight.