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Process Automation

CAD Modeling and Design.

⚫ 3D mechanical animations and surface modeling ⚫ Assembly, detail, weldment and manufacturing drawings
⚫ 3D modeling preparation for FEA analysis
⚫ Installation drawings

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Parametric Modeling

⚫ No need to redesign existing projects only for dimensional
⚫ Design intent consideration to suit your family design
⚫ Generate desired models based on customer requirements

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 Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

⚫ Conceptual Design
⚫ Material selection
⚫ Calculations
⚫ Validation and verification of Product designs

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Reverse Engineering

⚫ Identifying the product or component
⚫ Studying functions of individual function of components
⚫ Implementing the technical data for the original product and
    modified version
⚫ Creating a new product

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